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Nordic Center Snow Report

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For: January 28, 2015

Report Time: 7:14 PM

Snow and Weather

Primary Snow Surface Powder New Snow 4-6 inches
Total KMs Open 60 Base Depth on
Groomed Surfaces
Total KMs Groomed* 60 Snow Depth in Woods 18
Weather Mostly Cloudy with Flurries High Temps 18
Winds NNW10-20, Gusty Groomers Choice
Kick Wax VR30/ VR40 Glide Wax CH6

Please Note: Cross country ski and wax conditions depend heavily on natural snow, weather and individual trail characteristics. While we strive to keep reports and grooming current, conditions at Waterville Valley or any nordic area may change between published reports.

Trails & Grooming


Trail Open Groomed* KMS Notes
Bob's Lookout SK-NT1.0Snowmobile groomed
Cascade Brook SK-NT5.5Snowmobile groomed
Deep Woods SK-NT1.0Snowmobile groomed
Greeley Path SK-NT1.0Snowmobile groomed
John Deer SK-NT2.0Snowmobile groomed
Livermore** SK-NT4.0Snowmobile groomed
Lower Osceola SK-NT3.0Snowmobile groomed
Lower Snow'sNT4.0Caution Waterbars
Moose Run NT3.0Snowmobile groomed
Pipeline 1.0Snowmobile groomed
Swazeytown 1.0
The Connector SK-NT1.5Snowmobile groomed
Tripoli ** SK-NT3.5Snowmobile groomed
Upper Osceola SK-NT2.0Snowmobile groomed
Upper Snow's SK-NT3.0Snowmobile groomed
Wicked Easy SK-NT1.0Snowmobile groomed


Trail Open Groomed* KMS Notes
A-Hill 0.5
Criterion Access R 1.0
Drake's Brook SK-NT4.0Snowmobile groomed
Dry Joe's SK-NT2.0Snowmobile groomed
Figure Three SK-NT1.0Snowmobile groomed
Golf Course 1.0Partially Re-Routed, Snowmobile groomed
H.B. Highway 1.0
Mad River InnerSK-NT2.0Snowmobile groomed
Jennings Peak 3.0
Lower Criterion 1.0
Lower Fletcher's SK-NT1.0
Middle Fletcher SK-NT1.0Snowmobile groomed
Mike's Dream 1.0
Mad River Outer1.0
Pond Loop SK-NT2.0Snowmobile Groomed
Roadside 0.5
Sloppy Joe's SK-NT1.0Snowmobile groomed
Snow's Brook SK-NT2.0Snowmobile groomed
Swan's Way4.0Snowmobile Groomed
Upper Criterion 4.0
Upper Fletcher's2.0
Village to jct 24 ***SK-NT1.5Snowmobile Groomed, Tube Closed
Training LoopSK-NT1.0Snowmobile groomed

*Groomed= within 12 hours unless otherwise dated

*The designation "Groomed" trails is generally intended to include installation of two sets of classic tracks and skate lane unless otherwise noted.

ST = Single set of double tracks
DT = Double Track
SK = Skate Track
NT = No classic Track

**National Forest Free Access Trails